Messerstahl 5-Piece Gourmet Knife Set


Cook like a pro and look good while you do it. The Messerstahl 5-Piece Gourmet Knife Set is the perfect starter set for home chefs eager to upgrade their cooking tools. This versatile mix of knives has you covered to make any recipe with ease.


  1. 8” Large Chef’s Knife: For chopping, dicing, and cubing larger portions of meat and vegetables.

  2. 9” Carving Knife: Perfect for carving turkeys, chickens & bone-in roasts.

  3. 8” Offset Bread Knife: Knife of choice for hard-crusted bread and thick-skinned fruits.

  4. 6.5” Boning Knife: Separates cooked and uncooked meat from bones.

  5. 4.5” Utility Knife: Great for fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and sandwiches.

Hand washing knives in mild, soapy water and drying are recommended. Avoid dishwashers as the corrosive detergent can cause oxidation or mild discoloration.