Platinum Jumbo Skillet with Dome Cover


Experience the finest cookware in the world by purchasing this Professional Platinum Jumbo skillet with dome cover! With this nonstick pan, you are investing in lifelong dividends in healthy, flavorful, and cost-effective meals for you and your family. Professional Platinum Cookware is made of the finest grade T304 stainless steel and each unit has special heat transmitting properties for fast, even heat distribution. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Skip the water, grease, fats or oils that steal your food’s nutrients

  • Food retains up to 10X more nutrients than traditional preparation

  • Thermo control knob for reduced cooking time 

  • Vapor lock seal to lock in flavor and reduce spillage 

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • All lids cradle in the handle

  • Stack cooking

Set Includes: 

  • 13 inch / 32cm Jumbo Skillet with Dome Cover

  • Sloped Sides